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👋 *Starting base price $295 & Customized packages to suit YOUR needs

"Megan is not only incredibly talented and smart, she also is super professional and makes sure to capture your essence.."


Starting at $295

Easy-breezy, think of... General portraits, couple sessions, short in-studio shoots. Just ask, and let's talk 👋

Always included: Quick under 2 week delivery, custom quotes, hand-edited images, digital online gallery, and a fuuun time!


Light, bold, harmonious


The Journal

An in-home couples session in Portland, Oregon with two really loved up humans. I can’t make this up guys!

01. Whitney & Cory

My lifestyle portrait session nearby Amsterdam made for some epic memories and to-die-for pictures. Here’s a snippet for your curious eyes.

02. Celine at The Dunes


Something you might not always list as part of something you want from a photographer is this: Care. To be heard. Honesty.

I value personal relationships the absolute most when working with anyone. I'm a big believer that kindness, being straight-forward and understanding will get us further than anything else. Agree? We might be the perfect match. 😚


With over 8 years of photography experience and a Bachelors, I've worked hard to keep learning and adding to my toolbox. Rest assured that your photographer has the technical skills to get the job done, but just as much the genuine personality to get to know her clients.

And have fun. And probably eat lots of food together. 🍩🍕🍔🍜🍰

Adele Meza Branding Headshots

"[Megan] is seriously the best, I enjoyed working with her... not only for her professionalism but how comfortable she made me feel when shooting (she got me out of my comfort zone🤭)"

01 - 03

Celine Ferrenbach Branding

" felt already as if I had known her for a very long time, and it was really natural and easy going. I felt more like catching up with a friend, which made the experience even more enjoyable. Megan is not only incredibly talented and smart, she also is super professional and makes sure to capture your essence.."

02 - 03

Jaymee Merry Couples Shoot

"Megan is so laid back, gentle, sweet, funny and that doesn't even begin to explain how talented she is... she made it super fun and relaxed; not to mention made us look so great. The whole process was awesome - SHE EVEN BROUGHT TIMBITS!!!" (*Timbits are mini doughnuts)

03 - 03

Travel + Photo Collection
Easy, breezy travel planning AND portraits


Your itching to go on an adventure. You know you want to travel somewhere and get the most out of it. You NEED those insta pics that you can share ASAP that scream “WHO TOOK THESE??”

Hello. Here I am, I knew you’d find me! A seasoned travel expert with worldwide connections. I’m the producer of your epic trip!! ✈️

Offering in limited quantities a travel + photo package that didn’t exist until now.

Basically, I follow you around as your personal guide AND pro photographer. Be the first to make everyone jealous of your trip.

* Tickets not included per person

Base package includes:
* Expert travel planning and consultation
* One dedicated portrait session on trip + daily walk arounds
* Awesome human
* 3 Day Travel Itinerary
* My worldwide connections

Does not include
* Expenses (food, drink, etc.)
* Travel tickets

Need some convincing? Some goodies…
Chile, Italy, Amsterdam, New York, Portland

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Wedding Collections
Documentary-style coverage


I'm all about the simple, refined things. If you want your wedding to be more on the intimate side and focus on friends and family, I'll fit in real nice in the middle for you.

Things I love to photograph | The environment, the story of the day, emotional reactions, your love style, and the in-between moments that might otherwise fall through the cracks.

Base package starts at $995 - including:
* 6 hours consecutive coverage
* 4 week delivery
* Digital online gallery
* Extra options to add-on

Just ask me and let's talk to make you a custom package :)

Business Branding Images

Starting at $595

BRANDING | The first thing people see when they land on a business page or website are the images that represent the brand. Amp up your brand with a stunning visual story!

Always included: 2 hr. session, quick under 3 week delivery, custom quotes, consultation(s)*, hand-edited images, digital online gallery.

*Recent clients: Celine - Yoga Instructor

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Giving you the images that show you as yourself, preserving your legacy.
           IMAGES THAT                 SHOW YOU                   YOURSELF.