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Megan Arina

Canadian born, Dutch raised, UK graduated, USA resident, and based in Amsterdam.

First: I am 100% a morning person. Second: I always used to think I would be a film Director - and in a different way, I am a Director! As a travel, lifestyle and wedding photographer I get to connect with different people and learn about their lives. I find that amazing. On a regular day, you'll find me zipping past on my bike, using my internal GPS to get to cafe's, and probably eating something. Plus giving directions to people!

My passions are a cross between photography, theatre, film, design, and writing, and each is influential to my work. I create photo-journalistic style stories and evocative natural images. Light, bold, harmonious are my keywords.

The details that make up an individual are what matters most through my eyes, and my strongest medium is photography to ground that story. Your story. I want to become part of the memory and create something emotional together. So let's get your details and make it happen!


Frequntly Asked Questions



Did you go to school for this?

I did! I graduated in 2017 from Digital Film & Screen Arts with a 1st Class Honours *proud moment* I created a short fiction film as my final project, and thought I would go into videography as a Director. Now I'm here writing and taking photos and love it!


Do your prices include travel?

Travel costs are added separate to my packages, but get in touch so we can make a custom quote together and figure it out! (I live right by the airport and can get almost anywhere within 7 hours!)


Where are you REALLY from?

I'm a Canadian at heart but love, love the lifestyle and culture of Europe. My grandparents are Indonesian, my Dad's side is British, and my Mom's side is Dutch. Who knows!


Will you video my wedding/elopement/etc.?

At this moment I do not offer wedding video packages, but contact me for other specific video inquiries.

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