I'm in it for you.

For the people that want to take it easy together – let me wow you with my vision and energy! My refined style helps elevate your brand with strong content, while my personality makes the entire process seamless. You come first, the image comes after. Specializing in Branding and Portrait photography.

After living in 5 countries and 8 cities, we're sure to connect. Share a piece of yourself with me and I’ll leave an impression in your story. Convinced? Let’s talk!!





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Emily and Nick were long distance for three years before moving to Brooklyn, and I photographed them with the heart of someone who misses their person.

I always ask people their favourite spots or routines. It forms an idea in my mind about who they are and the type of things they might do on a regular day. So when Emily and Nick told me about how they go to Domino Park park right by the water, overlooking Manhattan...

01. Emily and Nick

Evocative images that represent a week's emotion.

This black + white series takes its concept from using Sunday as a day of reflection. The team worked together to bring to life these images that are subtle and delicate yet tastefully strong...

01. Sunday Feelings

Heya! Call me Meg


From working with couples to lifestyle work and models, I’m an international portrait photographer with an emphasis on the words bold, personal and genuine. 👏

On top of that, I’m a Photography Producer during the week, waking up at 6 each day and getting to work at 8 to answer those emails in a blink of an eye. I love it!

Always working to bring out deep emotions and the natural environment in my imagery, while using my fashion experience to give an edge. You’ll feel the difference: expertise knowledge in my field and a sincere personality – heck ya.

“Megan is hilarious, approachable... and that doesn't even begin to talk about how talented she is... the entire experience was phenomenal."